VICHY SHOWER this is whole-body water massage treatment.

When 7 jets are on, there is about 50 litres of water a minute flowing over your body, producing in many people a sensation of floating on water.

The effect of so much water movement on your skin is to increase the blood circulation, hydrate the skin and sooth the nervous system, enabling your body to balance and your muscles to relax. During the Vichy Shower treatment, you lie on a padded table, with the shower jets above you. Specific benefits from regular Vichy Shower treatments include:

• Increasing the benefits of products recently absorbed by your skin

• Reducing toxins and waste, improving your elimination system

• Stimulating the skin drawing blood to the surface

• Boosting your immune system

• Hydrating your body through your skin, improving skin and muscle tone

• Reducing your stress response through skin nerve stimulation