Special Offer

Dear visitors! We are glad to share with you our special offers! We know what our guests need and consider all the needs and wishes of our clients. We offer special season and holiday prices, please stay tuned for more information about our special offers. Stay with us!

Egyptian Hammam

Dear friends! For all, who live in Hurghada and love wellness, Horas Spa presents special price on an “Egyptian Hammam”. During this relaxing therapy, we use traditional natural made old formulas, materials, cosmetics, natural palm sponge, Moroccan soup, coconut scrub and the treasure of Egypt – black seed oil. All procedures before massage are done on a hot stone table with water and steam to open your skin to allow your body breath. The “Egyptian Hammam” (2 hours) includes : 15 min - sauna, 20 min - full body soap massage, 20 min - full coconut scrub, 15 minute Jacuzzi, 15 min steam, 35 min - full back sphinx massage with black seed oil. You can ask about a tone or relaxing procedure. We will do everything for your health and beauty!

1 Egyptian Hammam - 750 LE

If You are ready to do order – please. Book before. For booking, please, write to our official page on Facebook

Aqua spa

Aqua spa was built with heart and soul (If u see it u will understand what we mean). Aqua Spa complex in Dana Beach includes 15 rooms for procedures with comfortable conditions and a water-bath center (several swimming pools with massage showers and open warming swimming pool). You can also visit our outside snack bar in the Aqua spa, which offers a large menu of beverages and food. In our spa-centre there are procedures for the entire body. Massages are offered in the relaxation of nature (outside). We offer special therapy for families and friends, and also there is a special zone for kids.

1 day use – 16 euros per day

2 days – 20 euros

3 days – 30 euros

4 days – 35 euros

5 days – 40 euros

6 days – 45 euros

7 days – 50 euros

Gift certificate from Horas Spa – it is exclusive, unforgettable and original present.

Give your nearest people or college a travel to a dream. Unique Spa-programs, massages, beauty salon’s services and trainings in gym will give you opportunities to forget about stresses and to plunge in the world of beauty, health and comfort.

Come to Horas Spa and we will help you to make your choice. Make a present, which cannot be unlike, to your lovely people, friends and colleagues. We always find a cause – wedding, international Woman’s day, birthday, New Year, saint valentine day and just usual day without any reason. It is a pleasure for ll time to get spa certificate.