1 You should to come to spa procedure before 15 minutes to make everything for prepare to your procedures.
2 Your mobile phones and all gadgets should be turned off--and kept off--while in the spa; and all valuables should be given to reception.
3 You should take with you swimsuit and slippers. In our spa there are special lockers for woman and man, were U can change your clothes.
4 The Spa is the place for relax, so keep calm and silence inside our salons. It will help to save the atmosphere of relaxing for all visitors.
5 If You have any problems with blood pleasure or your heart – please inform about it our receptionist and spa-therapist.
sport shoes
6 Our Gyms can be visited only in sport wear and footwear.
7 it is forbidden to come on procedures with pets.
8 Our spa saloons are free from smoking and alcohol.
9 Keep your kids under your attention inside the SPA.