Dear friends! Horas Spa is proud to present new line of business – exclusive hand-made cosmetic.

This is the most popular trend in a world of beauty. We developed and produced hand-made masks and scrubs for our guests by searching 5 years about ideal combination of oils, creams and herbal extracts. We use ancient traditions and modern technologies to get the best care for face and body. We use our secret receipt of cosmetic in our Spas and now everybody has a chance to try it on our procedure and to buy it. This natural cosmetic can be saved only 20 days in a dark and rather cold place, because there is no even one ml of chemistry! Natural materials will moister and feed your skin by vitamins, will save your natural collagen, will make your body soft, you suntan excellent and your face fresh.

We know everything about defense and protection of natural beauty and about help to renew a person. Try , for example, Horas program, where black seed mask is used! This is the treasure of Egypt – ancient medicos said, that black seed can heal everything, but the death. And after this you will have a chance to take with you a part of this healing power in our hand-made mask. Or you can use rose scrub, which is used in Adam and eve program and you will never forget the aroma of desert rose and its soft effect for skin! You can reed more about benefits and useful properties of every our hand-made cosmetic here