In spite of many new gyms open every year and new lessons and methods come, it is still hard to find free place in Gym.

It is popular inside people, who are just starting and between professional sportsmen. Horas Spa’s gyms are tooled up by the last word of technique from world’s known producers, that lets You to work on all muscle’s groups and succeed your purpose. When come first time in our gym – our professional instructors will make for you briefing about all machines, will tell about machine’s opportunities and functions and techniques of doing exercises. Don’t ignore this suggestion, because only clear knowledge of machines and rules can help you in trainings and succeed maximum results.

When You start in |Gym, it is important to understand all machines and ways of work fast. But more important is to know the right technique of doing exercises, because do not take some injuries. You can do it all by yourself, by methods of efforts and mistakes, but it is better to ask professional trainer. There are different kinds of trainings:

Force training – for increase muscle’s mass – thos is the complex of exercises, destined for growth of staying power and strength. Exercises are doing with weight. You instructor will help You to choose optimal program for your body. The weight of barbells will be more and more. It will help you to develop your force, increasing your muscle’s mass.

Cardio-training – this is the system of exercises for strength of your heart muscle and heart system. Cardio is needed for burning calories and having a good fitness form. All machine’s are with special electronic systems, which let You together with professional instructor to control all settings of your body.

Anaerobic exercises – the best method for training of heart muscle and for adaptation to high stress. To losing weight and feeling good – this is a training to all muscle’s group, doing with some weight, slowly in special rhythm. The rest between sets is limited, that is why there is high level of metabolism. It forwards to get in shape. Increasing of muscle’s tone – this training includes cardio, muscle’s training and stretching. This force training combines machines, barbells and dumbbells, base exercises. It is recommended to do any of these training 2-3 times per week.