Dear guests! We offer You a membership in our Gyms!

Seasonticket to gym. Benefits of seasontickets in Gym.You can buy a visit to Gym every time, but better to buy a seasonticket for some period and visit Gym not limited. Seasonticket – it is a contract between You and gym about conditions - time, when you can use gym not limited. You can buy a seasonticket only for month or for 3,6, 9,12 monthes. This kind of contracts are more good for those, who trans every day or regular. And the more you take, the more you will get an discount. Inside the seasonticket alone visit will cost cheaper. The system of seasontickets makes you more disciplined, because you must plan your visits for a period before and ruminate your trainings according to your time and physical factors and etc. After this planning you try to do your best for het the best results.

You can try only day use (not includes sauna and Jacuzzi and steam) – 25 L.E., or choose:

1 month - 300 L.E.

3 month – 750 – L.E.

6 month – 1250 – L.E

12 month - 1750 – L.E.

All membership’s tickets starting from monthly include free sauna, steam and Jacuzzi. Also now You have special opportunity to take individual trainings with our instructors. See more in section Gym. If You have any questions – contact us – We are glad to give You energy and power.