The Horas Spa are offering a very special treatment that enables you to express a beautiful artistic display on your body…

Henna Body Art. We are thrilled to have a number of staff in selected stores that will create a beautiful Henna design. In recent years, henna has become a beautiful way of expressing art on the body. This once Egypt culture, has grown in tradition and is vastly becoming a much loved beauty treat in North Afrika.

Body Henna Art

Flowers are well represented in henna designs. They are said to mean joy and happiness and the bud, which is very popular in bridal mehndi, is symbolic of growth or new beginnings.

Hands Henna Art

Depending on where the henna tattoo is placed can be just as significant as the design itself. By having a henna tattoo on the palms of the hands, the wearer is able to received blessings and henna on top of the hands symbolizes protections.

Legs Henna Art

When henna is placed on the feet this is considered very spiritual as this connects the spirt, mind and body to the earth.

Bio-tattoo Henna (Temporary tattoo designs of your choice) (Herbal, 100% Natural, No Side Effects) Bio-tattoo with Henna! It can be your wy of standing out in a crowd! Mehndi — painting (temporary, herbal tattoo) on your hand, feet or body with natural henna, can be your unique fashion statement and attract admiration & attention your way! Until now, only oriental beauties enjoyed the luxury of showing off with various, stunning artwork of henna designs on them. Now is your chance! Be fashionable, be creative! The price of bio tattoo depends on the complexity of the design.