Horas GYMS opened May 2010

Gyms of Horas Spa are equipped with essential equipment for people with different levels of training. To add to your training – Horas presents a Spa complex with Jacuzzi, sauna and Steam. Inside our gyms we have a cardio-zone, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and zones for group-training.

Many new gyms open every year and new lessons and methods come, but it is still hard to find free place in Gym

We have notable athletes attending our gyms that are professionals, between professions, or just starting a professional career looking for professional equipment. Horas Spa’s gyms are equipped with state of the art equipment and we use the latest techniques that work on all muscles to accomplish goals. When you come for the first time to our gym – our professional instructors will give you an informational tour that will give you information about each machine and its benefits. Training and safety are important so please take this part of the tour serious and follow our rules.

When you start training, it is important to remember the rules and benefits of each machine. Also, to avoid injury, please be sure to know the right exercise techniques because you cannot do it by yourself. More importantly is to know the right technique of doing exercises so you will not incur any injuries. You should have a work out partner to avoid injuries. If you do not have a partner, please ask a professional to assist you. There are different kinds of trainings:

Force training – is for increased muscle mass – these exercises are complexed and designed to promote growth, power, and strength. Exercises are done with weights. A professional trainer will help you choose optimal program for your body. The barbell weight will increase to help you develop force and increase muscle mass.

Cardio-training – this is the system of exercises for strength of your heart muscle and heart system. Cardio is needed for burning calories and having a good fitness form. All machines are with special electronic systems, which let You together with professional instructor to control all settings of your body.

Anaerobic exercises – this is the best method for training the heart muscle and for adaptation to high stress. For losing weight and feeling good, this is a training of all muscle groups. These exercises incorporate weights with slow special rhythm. The rest between sets is limited, that is why there is an increased metabolism level. Increasing of muscle tone – this training includes cardio, muscle training, and stretching. This forced training combines machines, barbells, dumbbells, and base exercises. It is recommended to do any of these training 2-3 times per week.

Dear guests! We offer membership in our Gyms!

Memberships to gym: With a gym membership, you do not buy a visit to Gym every time. It is beneficial to buy a membership for a period of time. Our memberships are contracts between you and the gym stating the rules and regulations of using the gym along with hours of operation. You can purchase a membership for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Each membership is beneficial for different types of people with different types of schedules. The longer the membership, the bigger discount you take. With a membership, you are more disciplined, can plan your visits, and coordinate your training sessions with professional trainers. With this plan, you can aim for the best results.

You can try a day use (does not include sauna, Jacuzzi and steam) – 25 L.E., or choose:

1 month - 300 L.E.

3 month – 750 – L.E.

6 month – 1250 – L.E

12 month - 2250 – L.E.

Also, you may have a special opportunity to take individual trainings with our instructors. Contact our gym for more information at info@horasspa.com. We are glad to give YOU energy and power.