Gyms of Horas Spa are equipped with essential equipment for people with different levels of training. To add to your training – Horas presents a Spa complex with Jacuzzi, sauna and Steam. Inside our gyms we have a cardio-zone, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and zones for group-training. Force training is for increased muscle mass – these exercises are complex ed and designed to promote growth, power, and strength. Exercises are done with weights. Cardio training this is the system of exercises for strength of your heart muscle and heart system. Cardio is needed for burning calories and having a good fitness form. All machines are with special electronic systems. Anaerobic exercises this is the best method for training the heart muscle and for adaptation to high stress. For losing weight and feeling good, this is a training of all muscle groups. These exercises in corporate weights with slow special rhythm. The rest between sets is limited, that is why there is an increased metabolism level. Increasing of muscle tone – this training includes cardio, muscle training, and stretching.


  1. Don’t enter the Gym without Sport shoes and special sport clothes.
  2. You should bring your personal towel.
  3. Don’t leave precious belongings inside the Gym you can leave it in the Safe Box in the Reception.
  4. Don’t bring food or beverage expects water.
  5. Children under 16 years old can’t be alone in the Gym.
  6. No smoking do not attend the Gym under alcohol influence.
  7. Do not break or misuse the Gym Items.
  8. In case of emergency, please exit the Gym immediately and inform the SPA attendant The SPA management is not liable for any accident, injury or loss of personal belongings.