Gift certificate from Horas Spa – it is exclusive, unforgettable and original present.

Give your nearest people or college a travel to a dream. Unique Spa-programs, massages, beauty salon’s services and trainings in gym will give you opportunities to forget about stresses and to plunge in the world of beauty, health and comfort.

Come to Horas Spa and we will help you to make your choice. Make a present, which cannot be unlike, to your lovely people, friends and colleagues. We always find a cause – wedding, international Woman’s day, birthday, New Year, saint valentine day and just usual day without any reason. It is a pleasure for ll time to get spa certificate.

Gift certificate for massage – the most needed present for person in any age. Relaxation under the soft professional hands of spa-therapist – what can be better? Everybody dream about this procedure. Massage brings many benefits to people - as for man as for woman. Harmony in soul and body after massages is guaranteed and it will help to get special care for skin, take away pain and muscular stress.

During Spa Program all body works – from the fingers of foot till the head. Personal attitude to every client provides comfortable atmosphere. You will given relaxation and rest by the expert hands of our spa-therapists. After program you will have new power, harmony, self-confidence and confidence in your beauty.

Everybody would like to have an opportunity to use a certificate on spa and beauty! This is not a secret that the best gift is the gift, which brings you happiness. We offer you certificates for any amounts. You can choose your own program before together with our specialists or leave a choice of program for person you want to give a certificate. We offer for you great idea for present on birthday or on family holidays or any holiday! Gift certificate for visiting professional cosmetologist, hairdresser or nail service master or even master or bio tattoo or sugaring master can be great present and surprise for changing life of your lovely people to better way. If you give your close friend spa certificate you will do this person happier!

Are you looking for a present on big dates? Friends, girlfriends, relatives, collogues … everybody want you attention! No any person you can’t forget! We have good solution! There are no any problems about the age or gender of person about this gift. Even there is no any fixture to especially holiday. Gift certificate for visit Gym - can be 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Gym is equipped by many different machines and can be used both – male or female. Big, spacious place and comfortable location. Working hours for gym – from 9:00 to 21:00 . To complete your training you will also get personal trainings with our instructors and can use sauna, steam and Jacuzzi.