Our mission at Horas Spa is to provide quality and breath taking services to our clients while developing relationships with our stake holders and maintaining team work. We are committed to our customers and servicing the community


To become the leader of health clubs and spas domestically and internationally. We want to create a memorable experience while capturing new clients and maintaining repeat clients.


In the world of health clubs and spas we will provide: innovative programs, therapeutic treatment, breath taking experiences, and tranquility through services, products and a professional team. We strive to ease life’s burdens by providing a moment of respite, a personal sanctuary, and a caring touch. The environment will offer serenity, peace, and privacy as we use the most advance techniques. The staff will use feedback to enhance and improve each client’s experience.

Philosophy of Horas Spa

We believe that Horas is the best concept of SPA, well-being and body care culture. Also We are following the wisdom of Nature. Our messages are simple and pure: we believe that the harmony of body, mind and soul as well as secret powers of Nature help us share our knowledge with people. For us at Horas the balance of Body, Mind and Soul are not just words. To enjoy living, to care for yourself and your emotional equilibrium, the power of natural cosmetics, the notion of beauty as an aesthetic quality as well as a reflection of your deeds and relationship with the world – these all constitute the brand's philosophy. We give you a chance to escape the reality, find your true self and become what you really are in terms of your frame of mind, your style and personality. The perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. The source of healing energy and wisdom accumulated over centuries in oriental spiritual practices has blended with the concept of all-natural cosmetics to restore your well-being.