Wax or oriental sweet ( shugaring)

Cosmetologists of our Spa use the most wanted procedure for removal unwanted hair from body – sugaring (made by sugar paste). It takes off death skin and provides long peeling effect. When we do sugaring we don’t use high or low temperature, the paste is the same temperature as your body and it means no any injury or scald. It is more important for sensitive zones – bikini and armpits. A sugar paste is put against growth of hair and permeates inside stomas than it is moved in parallel direction of growth hair. For better effect 3-5 mm of hair is needed. After finish with sugar paste, ends will be deleted by antibacterial tonic and skin will be moistened by special cream for not ingrown hair. The skin after the procedure will look very soft and without any allergy. Effect from sugaring is going on more than 20 days. This procedure is for woman and for man. Sugar paste can delete all kinds of hair – hard and soft.

Benefits of sugaring:

1. Non allergic procedure. Only natural materials – sugar and water. No any chemistry or dyestuff. That is why you will never have any allergy reaction or red skin. It is so natural, that you can even eat it.

2. Safety. The temperature of sugar paste is the same as your body and that is why you can’t have burns and even if your blood vessels are closed to surface of your skin – it will be ok for sugaring.

3. Comfort and painlessness – during the procedure death skin and hair only out, so nothing can injure alive skin. That is why after procedure you will not see any ingrown hair of swells.

4. Usefulness. This is softy peeling effect for a long time by deleted death skin and hair by this way. And technique of removal by the direction of growth of hair provides capillary massage and lymphatic drainage effect

Full face



Deep bikini


All body