Ayurveda – the ancient way of healing people. Ayur means – the base of life, veda – knowledge.

This science explains what person must do and know to have a health and harmony during all life. As ayurveda says – the person consists from 5 elements to control all systems and processes inside the body: ground, fire, water, air and ether. They exist like thin energies. Good feeling, secrets off long life, prevention of stress’s effects – use all benefits of ayurveda.

This amazing massage has no any competitors between relaxing and calming procedures. During this process a thick flow of warm oil softly massages your forehead in “the place of third eye”. The structure of oil plus properties of herbal influence on your energetic and physical body by effective way and bring you back calm, balance of thoughts and feelings. The procedure has relaxing effect on all body, takes away stress, fights with insomnia and head ache (even migraine). Procedure also has lifting effect for the skin, fights with wrinkles, secures hair and after this your face will be fresh and young.