Hair care is just as important as skin care or body care

Horas’ hair care offers stylish haircuts, hairstyles, highlights, creative coloration and repairing treatments for the hair. We have a lot of opportunities to change your image and give you a makeover. Our masters offer you an everyday look or make you look like a star for the evening. We also offer creative styles and coloring for men. We have creative looks for every walk of life and always offering the latest trend.


Braiding Corn-row of the hair that offers a traditional Jamaican style with different designs


The course 1-3 days. Depends on hair length. Medical keratin care

Skin Care

Skin needs special care and defense for protection against untimely aging. Horas Spa presents our “Nefertiti Program” for cleansing your skin and offers protection from wrinkles.

The products we use in this program include only natural elements which Queen Nefertiti used in ancient Egypt. Ingredients of The Nefertiti Program can be used on all types of skin. Procedures help get rid of dead skin and normalizes oil balance, which protects your skin from the influences of the environment. The cosmetic line of Horas Spa helps skin look silky and brilliant.

The program starts with a steam facial that uses special materials for deep cleaning, and then we depilation the face; a cosmetic scrub and moisturizing that gives a shine to the face and neck area.



Entrust the care of your beautiful Hands & Feet to expert beauty consultants of Horas Spa.

Beautifully manicured hands and feet are an indispensable element in the image of any person. Neat and classy manicure is indicative of the taste & class of an individual. At Horas Spa we pamper you with the most professional care of your hands and feet in a beautiful, aristocratic ambiance, and by best of professionals.

Spa Pedicure

Our spa pedicure is a special procedure that includes luxury foot care that includes exfoliating of the feet, natural vitamins, minerals, and essential oils; and high-quality moisturizers and skin softening procedures that is combined with a warm leg wrap that makes the legs feel vibrant and the feet feel velvety smooth. We began with immersing the feet in a warm hot tub of sea salt and essential oils to reinforce the skin softening process. This offers a relaxing effect of the feet and legs. We follow this with exfoliation of the feet to offer smoother feet. Small particles of sea salt are used to massage the legs, to remove the dead skin cells. Removal of calluses and corns is done using a special serum. Then the nails are filed and well pedicured. We follow this procedure with a classic pedicure. We finish the pedicure with a vitamin mask that leaves the skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated and is soaked with macro and micro-elements and vitamins. A spa pedicure foot massage ends with the application of a special oily lotion. The feet have a huge amount of pulse points and pressure points for different organs. Stimulating these pressure points increase blood circulation and relaxes the entire body. All of this done in the romantic setting of a luxury SPA seat provide by Horas Spa that includes pleasant music to sooth your soul and fragrances to relax you.



Spa Manicure

SPA-manicure is a comprehensive nail care aimed to moisturize and rejuvenate the hands. This treatment saturates the hands with nutrients and ceramides using gentle soft scrubs. First the hands are dipped in a bath with sea salt and aroma oils that treat the cuticles (optional elements of a classic manicure or European manicure can be integrated, as per guest’s wish). A relaxing hand bath will make your hands soft. Next we apply vitamins and minerals, oils herbal extracts with light rubbing movements to massage the oils in the skin while exfoliating and moisturizing. After the scrub, the skin looks and feels young and refreshed. Then a mask of natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and extracts is applied to provide nutrition and hydration. The final stage of the procedure is the application of a soothing cream with an invigorating hand massage.



Waxing and Oriental Sweet (Sugaring)

The cosmetologists of our Spa use the most wanted procedures for removal unwanted hair from body – Sugaring (this is a sugar paste). Sugaring removes dead skin and provides long smooth shiny skin. In order for sugaring to be effective, the temperature must be the same as the body temperature. This also reduces the risk of injury or scolding. We take extra care around the sensitive areas - bikini and underarm areas – when sugaring.

A sugar paste is put against the growth of the hair and permeates inside the stomas. Then it is moved in a parallel direction with the growth hair. For better effect, 3-5 mm of hair is needed. After applying the sugaring, unwanted hair is removed with an antibacterial tonic and the skin will be moistened with a special cream for ingrown hair.

After this procedure, the skin will look and feel very soft without any red blemishes Sugaring is long lasting and is known to last more than 20 days. This procedure is offered to men and women. Sugar paste can delete all kinds of hair – fine and coarse.

Benefits of sugaring:

1. Non allergic procedure. Only natural materials – sugar and water are used. There are no chemicals or harmful dyes that will lead to allergic reactions. It is so natural that you can even eat it.

2. Safety. The temperature of sugar paste is the same as your body to avoid any burns. If you have varicose veins, sugaring is not harmful. Hot/cold treatment will not make varicose veins constrict. This is ok

3. This procedure removes dead skin and hair and does not affect any open wounds. That is why after the procedure you will not see any ingrown hair and no breakage of skin. We only remove dead skin and hair.

4. Usefulness. This procedure is a soft peeling that lasts for a long time. Dead skin and hair is removed through this technique. This hair removal technique removes hair in the direction of hair growth to provide a massage of blood vessels and drains the lymphatic system. This will leave the skin velvety soft and restores the elasticity of the skin.

Horas Spa is offering special body art that enables you to display beautiful art on your body

Henna Body Art: We are thrilled to have a number of staff in selected stores that will create beautiful Henna designs. In recent years, henna has become a beautiful way of expressing art on the body. This once Egyptian practice has grown in tradition and is vastly becoming a much loved beauty treatment in North Africa.

Body Henna Art

Flowers are well represented in henna designs. They are said to mean joy and happiness. The bud, which is very popular in bridal mehndi, is symbolic of growth or new beginnings.

Hands Henna Art

Depending on where the henna tattoo is placed can be just as significant as the design itself. By having a henna tattoo on the palms of the hands, the wearer is able to received blessings. Henna on top of the hands symbolizes protection.

Legs Henna Art

When henna is placed on the feet, this is considered very spiritual as this connects the spirt, mind and body to the earth.

Bio-tattoo Henna (Temporary tattoo designs of your choice) (Herbal, 100% Natural, No Side Effects) Bio-tattoo with Henna can be your way of standing out in a crowd! Mehndi — painting (temporary herbal tattoo) on your hand, feet or body with natural henna can be your unique fashion statement that brings attention your way! Until now, only oriental beauties enjoyed the luxury of showing off with various, stunning artwork of henna designs on them. Now it is your chance! Be fashionable, be creative! The price of bio tattoo depends on the complexity of the design.