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Dear Valued Guest:

"It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our website which has been improved to provide you with our services, vision, and strategy. Horas Spa is one of the Most Professional Spa Service’s in Egypt to include the Red Sea, Sharm-El Sheikh, and soon in Cairo.

Our main objective is to obtain your full satisfaction during your visit at one of our branches. Our professional team is always at your service. Thank you!

 Chairman of Horas Spa

Elsayed Bedeir


Horas Spa was founded in 2004 in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt with a clear vision to become the leader in health clubs and spas domestically and internationally. We aim to do this by providing innovative programs with high quality treatment for the whole family. Our spa is a serene elegant sanctuary for healing, promotes wellness, has relaxing music, captivating décor and rejuvenating textiles. We offer calm and beautiful designs that will gently ease the pressures and stress of the outside world.


Here at Horas Spa the focus is about individual experiences. We offer the highest quality of services from our hand-picked therapists in Egypt. Our therapists use only the finest oils, lotions, beauty treatments, and aroma therapies. We have been in business for over 10 years and have opened over 50 branches all over Egypt. We are projecting to open over 50 more.


Our mission at Horas Spa is to provide quality and breathe taking services to our clients while developing relationships with our stakeholders and maintaining our position as a top quality spa. We are committed to our customers and servicing the community.


To become the leader of health clubs and spas domestically and internationally. We want to create a memorable experience while capturing new clients and maintaining repeat clients.


In the world of health clubs and spas we will provide: innovative programs, therapeutic treatment, exhilarating experiences, and tranquility through services, products and a professional team. We strive to ease life’s burdens by providing a moment of respite, offering a personal sanctuary, and delivering a caring touch. A peaceful environment will offer serenity, peace, and solitude as we use the most advance techniques. Our staff will use feedback to enhance and improve each client’s experience.

Philosophy of Horas Spa

We believe that Horas Spa is the best concept of the word ‘SPA’ - well-being and body care culture. We follow the wisdom of Nature. Our messages are simple and pure. We believe that the harmony of body, mind and soul as well as healing powers of Nature help us share our knowledge with people. To enjoy living, to care for yourself and your emotional equilibrium, the power of natural cosmetics, the notion of beauty as an aesthetic quality as well as a reflection of your deeds and relationship with the world – these all constitute the brand's philosophy. We give you a chance to escape the reality, find your true self and become who you really are to put yourself in the right frame of mind according to your style and personality. Horas Spa is the perfect place to relax and enjoy you. It is a source of healing energy and wisdom accumulated over

We invite your company to join forces with us to increase our market shares. We offer the following benefits:

- Time Management: You and your personnel are invited to visit our spa which allows many people to be in one place at one time.

- Money Management: Our Company offers discounts to all your employers and to any services.

- We extend our offers to your clients. If you have any clients that would like to advantage of our special offers, please refer them to us.

We are glad to work with you!

We are glad to offer a partnership with touristic agencies and operators. According to your needs and wishes, we can give you an opportunity to plan and control your budget and programs for your guests. We are ready to schedule group tours and individual clients for our spa tours. Our spa-therapists are polite and attentive. You can be sure that all orders – individual and group – will be completed with high quality service. When making a contract with Horas, you have found a long term partnership that will save you money and time.


1  Spa Center in Nubia Hotel & Resort – Al Ahiaa Road, Hurghada.

2  Health Club in Festival Rivera Resort – Al Ahiaa Road, Hurghada.

3  Spa Center in Sunrise Le Jardin Hotel – Al Ahiaa Road, Hurghada.

4  Health Club in Palm Beach Hotel – Al Ahiaa Road, Hurghada.

5  Spa Center in Sunny Days Palm De Mirette Hotel – Arabia Road, Hurghada.

6  Health Club in Sunny Days EL Palacio Hotel – Arabia Road, Hurghada.

7  Health Club in Le Pacha Resort – Sheraton Road, Hurghada.

8  Spa Center in Sunrise Holidays Hotel – Sheraton Road, Hurghada.

9  Grand Gym & Spa – Sheraton road, Hurghada.

10 Ladies Gym & Spa – Sheraton Road, Hurghada.

11  Kids Gym – Sheraton Road, Hurghada.

12  Spa Center in Dream Beach – Sheraton Road, Hurghada.

13 Spa Center in Sindbad Beach, Sindbad Aqua Park & Sindbad Aqua Resort - Villages Road, Hurghada.

14 Health Club in Sultan Beach Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

15 Health Club in Grand Plaza Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

16 Health Club in Plaza Resort – Villages Road, Hurghada.

17 Spa Center in Aqua Vista Hotel – Villages road, Hurghada.

18 Massage Center in Sea World Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

19 Spa Center in Beach AL-Batros Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

20 Spa Center in AL-Batros Palace Hotel - Villages road, Hurghada.

21 Adam & Eve Beauty Salon in Senzo Mall – Villages Road, Hurghada.

22 Spa Center in Alf Leila Wa Leila Hotel –Villages Road, Hurghada.

23 Spa Center in Jungle Aqua Park Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

24 Spa Center in Lilly Land Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

25 Health Club in Sonesta Pharaoh Hotel – Villages Road, Hurghada.

26 Health Club in AMC Royal Hotel - Al Ahiaa Road, Hurghada.

27 Spa Center in Sunny Days El Palacio Hotel – Arabia Road, Hurghada.

28 Spa center in ali baba hotel - villages road , Hurghada

29 Spa center in jasmine hotel - villages road, Hurghada

30 Spa center in sunrise garden & mamlouk hotel - villages road, Hurghada

31 Spa center in dana beach hotel - villages road, Hurghada

32 Spa center in Titanic hotel - villages road, Hurghada

 Sahl Hasheesh

33 Spa Center in Hilton Long Beach Hotel & Resort – Sahl Hasheesh.

34 Spa Center in Old Palace Hotel – Sahl Hasheesh.

35 Spa Center in Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa – Sahl Hasheesh.

36 Spa Center in Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh Hotel – Sahl Hasheesh.


37 Spa Center in Sunrise Royal Makadi– Makadi.

38 Spa Center in Serenity Makadi Hotel – Makadi.

39 Spa Center in Serenity Fun City – Makadi.

40 Spa Center in AL-Nabila Grand Bay Makadi Hotel – Makadi.


41 Spa Center in Shams Safaga Hotels & Resorts – Safaga.

42 Spa Center in Movenpick Soma Bay – Safaga.

  Marsa Alam

43 Spa Center in Akassia Swiss Resort – Marsa Alam.

44 Spa Center in Club Calimera Akassia Swiss Resort – Marsa Alam.

 Sharm El Sheikh

45 Spa Center in Royal Moderna – Sharm El Sheikh.

46 Spa Center in Beach Al Batros – Sharm El Sheikh.

47 Spa Center in Aqua Park – Sharm El Sheikh.

48 Spa Center in Tirana Aqua Park Hotel – Sharm El Sheikh.

49 Spa Center in Island Garden Hotel – Sharm El Sheikh.

50 Spa Center in Island View Hotel – Sharm El Sheikh.

51 Spa center in Rehana Aqua Park hotel - Sharm El Sheikh

52 Spa center in Rehana Beach Resort hotel - Sharm El Sheikh

 Port Said

53 Grand Gym in Grand & Spa AL-Batros - Port Said.